The garden & its community

Pavilion’s edible garden is a community garden in a park, created by neighbours of Pavilion Park estate in Singapore.

Our core team and supporters extend beyond the estate because we believe a community extends beyond defined boundaries. We welcome anyone who is interested, and get what we want for this garden.

The garden was created with a dream. Cuifen went door-to-door asking other neighbours if they share a dream of creating a community space, where neighbours can gather and have good times together. A space where families and individuals can get re-connect with nature, and where food comes from. Through these visits and emails, we learnt that at least 100+ neighbours supported the formation of an edible garden, as long as it is a community space.

Aug 2013, thirty neighbours came together for a co-design garden workshop facilitated by NParks Community-In-Bloom. Some neighbours have never joined community events before. Even after this workshop though, it was difficult for us to design a low-maintenance, edible garden that most of us would be proud of.

We were really lucky – Debbie Han, an aspiring permaculture garden consultant, answered our Facebook call for help. She doesn’t even live nearby!

With seed funding from Southwest CDC and and additional support from the park management, we started creating the garden in a park (Pavilion Playground) on Nov 2013. The garden was officially launched in Sep 2014.

We now have at least 25 neighbours and friends who contribute to garden in one way or another. Only a handful are really experienced gardeners; the rest of us are really here to support and learn.

More than the people who are active at the garden, the project is one for Pavilion’s community, and also anyone who share our vision for the garden. Many neighbours shared with us how they re-discovered the park in the neighbourhood, and see how it has been transformed. Families with young and old take time out to visit it. :)

Timeline. From a simple idea to the garden launch!

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