Sep 2016 – Reflecting

It’s been ~3 years now since we designed Pavilion’s edible garden. Many neighbours had called / whatsapp / emailed / came to say that the garden project was quite special, and was thankful for it.

The project was special as it was intended to be more than just a garden. It is a place where neighbours know that we can meet, learn/share, grow some food for our kitchens, and be in touch with nature.


In the 3 years, neighbours have moved out of Pavilion / moved to another country / became more busy / etc. Playground 2 came along, and many NC events are now planned at the larger park.

A few of us have been thinking… how we can rejuvenate this edible garden project? How can we re-create this garden into a place that everyone, or at least most of us, can be proud of? A place where you would want to bring your family, friends, students…?

We have some ideas, still exploring. Here is one idea that we want to try:

Every middle of the month, we will bring out a table or two. If anyone have excess plants / stem cuttings / seeds at home, or items that you want to barter with neighbours, bring them down. Or bring coffee / tea / drinks and some food to share.

We may invite neighbours / friends to share on a topic, or simply spend the hour chit chatting and getting to know neighbours.

17 Sep, Sat, 10-11am
15 Oct, Sat, 10-11am
19 Nov, Sat, 10-11am
17 Dec, Sat, 10-11am


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