6 Apr 2016 ~ 1st harvest donation to Renci

A new Renci nursing home opened recently near our estate, and is just  a short walk away from our community garden.

After some communication on Facebook and Whatsapp, Cuifen learnt that there is a group of volunteers who cook lunch for 25-30 residents at the Home every Thursday. It is a treat for the residents because on other days, they eat food catered by the nursing home.

A bed full of da cai  (大菜) vegetables were ready for harvesting, and Cuifen hand-delivered a bag full of da cai  (大菜), with laksa leaves and Indian borrage leaves added in as bonus. Apparently the 大菜 vegetables are cooling vegetables so elderly can’t take too much of it, but the volunteers were prepared to find a way to put them to good use. And so, they did! They prepared fried rice for them, and kept laksa leaves for the next meal :)



After we shared our donation with other neighbours in the estate’s Facebook, 2 neighbours who were not part of the garden project so far, volunteered to help deliver future donations. One cycles and helps with rice delivery and meal-on-wheels to people in western Singapore. If he can deliver rice sacks with his bike, he said, he certainly can deliver vegetables! The other said he would like to help as it’s for Renci Charity.


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