14 Mar 2016 ~ an afternoon visit

This afternoon, the edible garden received some “special guests”. Another team of judges from National Parks came to assess the garden for this year’s Community-in-Bloom Awards. This being a work day, neighbours who would love to be part of the welcoming team couldn’t make it. If only such garden assessments are done on weekends!

Still, we managed to have four people as part of the welcoming team. From left in the photo: Uncle Ong, Cuifen, Sharon and Uncle Teo. We waited 1 hour plus for the judges, so we had some good conversations while waiting. Perhaps we should learn from Cosy Garden in Bukit Batok, and arrange for a school learning journey during the time of the judges visit, so that we have something to focus on while waiting! Still, it was a good opportunity for us to check-in, and discuss what we would like to see in the garden going forward.


The judges were quite nice, and listened to what we had to share about our garden. Nervousness kicked in and there were things we kind of forgot to talk about… like how big our community is, how we tried to do companion planting and want to start it again… Luckily, Sharon reminded that we needed to share how we witnessed the emergence of the butterflies recently!

Thanks to Uncle Teo, we all got to enjoy freshly made pandan tea, and also some home-made nian gao rolls that he prepared in the morning.


Don’t know how we will do at the end of the day… but thankful that awards like this do bring neighbours to do things together!


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