28 Feb 2016 ~ Visit to Block 26

One of our neighbours excitedly shared with us about an edible garden nearby. It’s just 10 minutes walk away, and along a slope in front of a HDB block.

We decided to go check out the garden. The lady in charge, Vinam, was going to the church the same morning, so way before we were supposed to head over, she and her mum went to the garden and did a lot of stem cuttings for us. To eat and to grow.

By the time we met her at 8am, bags of stem cuttings were sitting just outside her door!

Vinam was absolutely happy to meet like-minded people who are into growing your own food and herbs. She shared with us that she decided to start a community garden when one of her neighbours who was feeling depressed about his health condition, told her that the small garden just outside her home gave him reason to live. Vinam realised that she helped one person, and she can help so much more if she starts a larger garden for the community, and so she told her Member of Parliament that she wanted to start one.

The garden sits on a slope just in front of a HDB block. It doesn’t have a name. People refer to it as “Block 26 garden”, and apparently people came from as far as Yishun just to see it and get some harvests or cuttings!

Vinam shared that she usually gardens in the evenings, and she welcomes people to come visit and take what they need.

Here are just some photos of cuttings and harvests we received from Vinam!



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