15 Feb 2016 ~ The morning judges came

This morning, just after 9am, the garden received a small group of special visitors. They were all from National Parks, and they came to assess the garden for an NParks-internal greenery award.

Neighbours Cuifen, Mae and Uncle Teo were present to welcome them to our garden. It’s a working day and Mae and Cuifen had to take special time-off from work to be at the garden when the judges made their visit. Although we can’t gather more neighbours, our intention was clear :)

It was a small group of judges (about 5), and already it was clear they were looking out for different things. Some looked at our garden shed, some looked at our arch and other structures, some looked at the plants we grow. They were quite delighted to see the butterflies flying about, and we pointed out a new butterfly pupa.

One of the judges commented that we needed to be “careful” because when you have butterflies, the caterpillars may eat the vegetables and other edible plants we want to grow. We re-assured him that we have butterfly enthusiasts in our team, and have specially planted food plants for butterfly caterpillars that are pretty specific in their eating.

The Plain Tiger butterflies provided a feast for the eyes for those who decided to hang around and just observe.




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