14 Feb 2016 ~ Common Rose emerges

Having butterfly enthusiasts in our team is a major plus. It meant that we got the alert to wake up early on Sunday morning because… a Common Rose butterfly is emerging from its chrysalis! Don’t know how our neighbour decided it was going to emerge at the exact timing, but as it turns out, he was correct. Spot on, in fact.

Here’s a look of the Common Rose butterfly. It was hanging around for an hour or more to dry its wings. Isn’t it quite a beauty? No wonder many people voted for it to be the National Butterfly in a recent survey by Nature Society.

photo by Cheng Ai - 2

As you can imagine, we got very busy photographing this beauty…


Cheng Ai pointed out that there was actually a second Common Rose butterfly that emerged on the same morning! She has really sharp eyes cos the rest of us didn’t notice it until she pointed it out.

It’s a nice start to Valentines Day!


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