17 Jan 2016 ~ Sharing

Mioa Shan, a NUS student, came to visit our garden to understand our horticulture practices. Mioa Shan had been going around visiting various community gardens for her ongoing research study. She first visited our garden in 2014, when she was interning with NParks.

In the meantime, uncle Teo was busy harvesting spinach to be given away to interested neighbours. We did our online shout-out to neighbours via Whatsapp and Facebook.


The aunty who gave us netting to protect our veggie seedlings yesterday, passed us a bag of dried ikan bilis heads. These are good for the soil, she said. Dilute them in water before watering the soil, or place them into the soil. Not too much, or it would be too salty.


Just yesterday, Cheng Ai and Cuifen had harvested a banana inflorescence. We passed the inflorescence to Dennis and Lydia, who prepared a spicy banana bloom salad for everyone to share. It was prepared based on a Thai recipe found online. There was home-made ginger beer too! It was a lucky day for Mioa Shan, who said her favourite food is Thai food!



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