16 Jan 2016 ~ Aunty shares her knowledge

There’s this very pretty flower plant in our garden. We didn’t know how it came – by bird or human? An auntie who lives down the street, shared that this is 五点花 (five o’clock flower). She told us to pluck the black fruits and press them open to release the white powder inside. This white powder is what she uses to powder her face and she says the face will feel very smooth after that!

She also shared with us another beauty secret. When you wash rice, after washing away the pesticides. keep the residues of the 2nd rinse. You can use this to wash your face also. Pei Chin who came to volunteer with us today, says this reminded her of the cosmetic brand SKII :)

Aunty was also concerned about our veggie seedlings. We shared with her that the birds have come eating our veggie seedlings, so much that there’s not many left! She went home and brought some nettings for us to use. She explained how the netting could be propped up using our existing stash of PVC pipes. In the end, largely because we don’t have enough netting, we decided to use our other ready stash of light-weight stems.


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