19 Dec 2015 ~ Pavilion Celebrates

Pavilion Celebrates is our estate’s annual celebration. It started in Sep 2014, where we organised a sustainable-focused carnival with the edible garden as our meeting point. This year, we wanted to organise another event in Sep, but had to repeatedly postpone due to the bad haze condition. A real pity because our initial plans was to have the event as a “Urban Farmers Day” co-organised with Foodscape Collective, and get many home and community gardeners down for talks and workshops! That we kept having to change dates meant that we had to shelve our initial plans, and scale down.

With a new park at the other end of the estate, the neighbourhood committee preferred the tentage to be at the new park. The garden is at the “old” park. When we were planning, we thought it’s ok, we can gather people at the new park and then walk over.

What we didn’t realise was that people would go directly to where the garden is, and then figure out the meeting place was some place else. So, there was a lot of walking done before we even got to the edible garden tours and sharing by our invited guests!

It didn’t help that neighbour Cuifen was coordinating both the entire event, and the garden activities. We can certainly do with some volunteer management.

Anyway, when we finally gathered the people who wanted to attend the edible garden talks, we decided to just be at the garden. The weather was not too bad anyways. Some people travelled as far as Marine Parade and East Coast to join our event. Partly the power of Facebook, and partly the power of Uncle Tan who is recognised as a local medical herbs expert.

Uncle Tan brought a lot of stem cuttings, medical herbs and vegetables to give away! He shared many interesting things, including how pineapple skin is actually the best part of the whole pineapple. You can see here, everyone is just listening to what he has to say.


Karl of Pollen Nation also shared about bee-keeping. He shared that his team is activated whenever someone reports of a bee hive that needs relocating. They will assess where’s the best place to relocate the hives to because the bees have a homing sense, they will come back if they can! He shared also how they are installing stingless bee hives at some gardens. To get a bee hive, you need training first.


As the sun went down, we headed to the other park. There was a mini carnival there with simple home-made games, upcycling your old tees into bracelets, and learn how to make your own balloon sculpture.

bunglin tinker - 1
Photo collage by Susan of the Bunglin Tinker

We also did a round of seed exchange. Mr Sim, a community gardener from Marsiling, brought a gourd and also a luffa as exchange. Here, Elizabeth is having some fun with the guord ;)

The community ended the evening with a round of Christmas carols. Lead by neighbour Steven on his guitar.


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