9 Oct ~ grass-tree donation

Received a late night SMS from a neighbour. Curious, we returned with a call. Turns out a grass-tree had fell in a neighbour’s home. She had cut the trunk into many short logs, and bagged them before she realised that she could donate them as useful material to the edible garden project.


Because of this, we had a late night visit to the home garden! Turned out the home garden was filled with “rescued plants”, i.e. plants that people left outside their homes to throw away. The tree that fell was one of these rescued plants, and have grown to full size within 10 years. Then one day, it just fell. Lucky no one was injured. Where the rabbits are in the picture below, is where the grass-tree used to stand. They seem to be asking, “who’s this looking at my home in the garden?”


The neighbour explained how she would normally keep the cut stems in her own garden, as they can function as pots also. The “pots” appear as the stems fall apart inside first! They also function well as a temporary fence.


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