20 Sep ~ Blue skies!

It’s a wonderful moment to be able to see blue skies :) Does it take a haze for everyone to start appreciating the little, yet so important things we have? Like the freedom to enjoy good air, see the blue in the skies, and feel the cool breeze :) If only we held our event this morning… but still, it would be such a gamble for only yesterday, the haze levels were indeed unhealthy!

Blue skies!
Blue skies!

There were at least 4 of us at the garden this morning. We busied ourselves with the compost, watering the plants, transplanting smaller plants, and in general making sure the garden is alive and well.

Watering is key in this haze period, because the weather’s so dry, even though there is automated watering in the early morning, for the beds without their own reservoir, the soil can dry out very quickly.

Here’s a photo of some of the donations we have from neighbours, for the compost :) The fermented fruit peels are by neighbour Angie. She had originally focused on creating these fermented peels only for the edible garden. Having seen the wonders of what it does, she shared that she started adding some to her own plants at home. They are absolutely green and doing well!

From the neighbours!
From the neighbours!

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