Come join us for a celebration! Urban Farmers Day Out @ Pavilion

Update – The neighbours met up and we decided to postpone this event till month of Nov / Dec. Reason being, the haze is in the unhealthy levels. A celebration for a community garden can wait.  We will update when the revised details are fixed :)


It’s 1 year since Pavilion’s edible garden launch! The core team is taking the opportunity to organise a morning of organic gardening activities at the community garden this coming Sat (19 Sep) morning. Various individuals & organisations have been invited to join the space, and give tours, talks and workshops. If you live nearby, do come join us!

Schedule for 19 Sep 2015 event
Schedule for 19 Sep 2015 event

One of these workshops is Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), and they will be conducting a 1 hour session on how to create your own little crate planter. There will also be a session in the morning to trade seeds, plants, etc.

An example of a crate planter
An example of a crate planter

The entire event is ticketed at $5, and are available at

Funds raised from the tickets goes towards paying the base cost of the speakers, and raising funds for edible garden use.

If you need help with purchasing tickets or getting to the garden, please let us know.

Hopefully the haze will be less by then too, and we can have a successful event!!!

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