12 Sep ~ Weekly group gardening session

Always happy to see our compost heap. It is looking good! :)

The compost heap is looking good :)
The compost heap is looking good :)

Cheng Ai and Siti observed that the red banana plant had fruited recently, and will not do also again. Cheng Ai said that banana plants die after fruiting the first time… is it true? We saw that one of our other banana plants that fruited previously had fell and started to break down. Cheng Ai decided that it is better for this big plant to go, so that the little ones have a chance to grow up.

Cheng Ai and Siti taking down the banana plant
Cheng Ai and Siti taking down the banana plant

So, we had lots of banana leaves, stems, etc. We started cutting them to smaller bits for compost. It’s wonderful material!

Then, the thought came. What if some neighbours do want the banana leaves for cooking, etc? So we posted on the relevant Whatsapp group channels and Facebook. Would anyone reply?

There were! Neighbour Jo and Ray Yan replied, and said they needed the leaves for nasi lemak, etc. Good timing.

We selected a couple of nice-looking leaves for them.

Jo’s helper, Dorothy, came along. She looked at the “nice” leaf but it didn’t interest her. There was still this pile that we had not cut, and she went through them. And selected out some parts to bring home.

Banana leaves
Banana leaves

Out of curiosity, we asked her, what was she looking for?

Dorothy said they wanted to make nasi lemak, so they needed a complete big-enough banana leaf, not one that has teared.

Dorothy asked what would happen to the rest of the leaves. They go into the compost pile, we said. Instead of going home, she got herself a pair of scissors and started to help. Dorothy’s absolutely awesome, because one look at what she does, you can tell she’s really good at it. She eventually went on to help saw the banana stems…

Dorothy and her good work
Dorothy and her good work

Just went we thought, we were done. Another banana plant fell on its own. This plant had a bunch of really tiny bananas. The amazing thing is, they can be eaten.

Tiny banana
Tiny banana

All in all, there were at least 9 of us at the garden. We had a visitor too, Huiying, who came by to help organise our Sep 19 event.


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