30 May Update

There was just 2 of us at the edible garden today. The number of neighbours coming to our weekend community sessions is hard to predict. Some days we have too many people joining us, and some days we have none!

One of our key supporters Sharon commented that this is a concern, and it is a fact that our core gardeners are either young adults or elderly people who have already retired, and every one else has a lot of other things to worry about on weekends! That’s where we recognise that our edible garden serves to provide a space for people to meet & interact (regardless if they are working on the garden or not), and to learn & share good ideas. In this area, we have done well for the garden has helped created good friendships amongst neighbours who would otherwise not have met, and have welcomed other local garden enthusiasts to join us in making this a sustainable garden.

Anyway, Uncle Teo decided his pumpkin plant was not going to bear any more fruit, and decided to take it down so that he can focus on the plants in the other raised beds allocated to his care. He decided to give away the only pumpkin. Our Whatsapp channel for interested neighbours came in really handy, and neighbour Jo put up her hand to receive the harvest. We threw in some “bonus” harvest – Kai Lan and also the lovely butterfly blue pea flowers.

Harvest to share
Harvest to share

Our green bananas are also almost ready for harvest!

Green bananas, almost ready for harvest
Green bananas, almost ready for harvest

The red bananas are also fruiting! Can’t wait to try the bananas.

Red bananas
Red bananas

This is an experimental plot by neighbours Dennis & Lydia. They just created this the day before, and said it provides a better growth condition for the tomato seedlings. Let’s check in on this plot again some weeks later!

Experimental plot for tomatoes
Experimental plot for tomatoes

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