26 Apr Update ~ Mulch area along the railing

We had wanted to create a mulch area along the railing for quite some time. It became a need as the park management feedback-ed that the landscape contractor had to do their duty (i..e. cut grass) and therefore our plants and signages were always at risk of being cut because they were inter-mixed with grass!

To make the contractor’s life easier and also our own, NParks got their landscape contractor to create a mulch area with the Park management’s supervision so that they can provide a visual demonstration of what they would like to see, and also ensure that the mulch area does not go too close to the  2 big Kapok trees in our garden area.

As this is a community garden, we agreed that the contractor will only do 1/2 to 2/3 of the railing length, and the rest should be left to be completed by the community. This is a good opportunity to bring neighbours & interested volunteers together! To support this, the park management kindly sponsored 10 sacks of compost for our use.

On this day, we had at least 9 volunteers, including 3 from outside our estate. Of these 3, 2 were from the west area, and 1 actually drove from north-east Singapore!

The tree logs that we collected from Choa Chu Kang park area some months back came in useful as visible barriers to the mulch area.

Apart from this mulch area, some of the volunteers also helped take down the passion fruit plant. Neighbours Mr Wong & Mr Teo were of the opinion that the plant is of no more use… as in it reached its capacity to fruit. Neighbours Dennis & Lydia disagreed saying that the passion fruit plant at their place continues to bear fruit some 5 years after it was planted. What to do when you have differing opinions like this? We agreed that the pergola looked like it was becoming unstable (the bamboo doesn’t last long when in contact with soil, rain and the weekly football), so the plant had to go anyway.

Here are some photos! :)

Volunteers Cuifen & Cheng Ai
Volunteers Cuifen & Cheng Ai
Mr Wong helping to take down the passion fruit plant
Mr Wong helping to take down the passion fruit plant



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