Run 350

Run 350 was on 5th of April, and Pavilion’s edible garden was there with our own booth & tent in the ‘Food Security’ section of the Eco Village! In fact we had so much space that we decided to invite new ground-up initiative, Crop Things, to share the booth with us. Crop Things is about creating a food-scape of Singapore, through collective knowledge of Singapore residents and talking to gardeners and local food enthusiasts at edible gardens & farms. That we were in the ‘Food Security’ section made the link with Crop Things very tangible – forming a link between growing our own food at the local community level, to understanding how this also happening on a more regional and national scale.

As we were given less than 1 week notice really, it was a mad rush to try to see what we can bring and share at the event, and who can be present especially on a Sunday morning, from 6am to 12 noon!

Thankfully, even though we couldn’t have a group of neighbours present, we had various neighbours contributing ideas, photos, plants / fruits, etc. Some neighbours photographed the fruit enzyme / soup / etc that they made at home, with items grown from gardens, be it in their own home or the community garden. Others invited us to take photos of their plants at home, to share on their love for gardening and growing edible plants.

At the booth, we had neighbours Cuifen and Steven, as well as volunteers Suzanna, Hanzhong, and Babylyn.

It was a most tiring morning! We were open from 7am, and closed by 11am.

Here’s a collage of photos taken at the event!

Run 350 event
Run 350 event

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