New raised beds using plastic tile planter boxes created by neighbour

The garden has 2 plastic tiled planters that were just sitting around for quite a while… Neighbour Mr. Wong had specially created the boxes for us as we wanted to create a nice circular arch “entrance” near the 3 Sisters’ bed. We didn’t do so immediately as for the longest time, we didn’t enough soil to go around.

Finally, as neighbour Mr. Teo shifted some former wicking beds to raised beds of about 1 brick high, there was some “excess” soil which we could use. The compost material which was deemed ready for use the week before also came in really handy.

What we did was this… align the planters so that they were “centralised” (relative to the gym equipment next to the garden). Dig down so that the planter boxes will be slightly underground and will not be easily moved. Dennis was really good at this, and had pretty much completed filling up his box when Lydia and Cuifen were still digging for the other planter!

Anyway, after we decided the digging was enough and the boxes fit in the trench nicely, we added a thick layer of the compost material from the compost heap, before adding a much thinner layer of soil, and then a layer of finer compost that we had received from Nature Company.

Dennis then guided us to drawing out shallow trenches along the length of the planter box. We put in some seeds that he had brought from home, and then patted down a thin layer of soil after. We then thoroughly watered the planter box, and hoped for the best.

Creating a new raised bed
Creating a new raised bed

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