mu cai ~ delicious vegetable for stir fry

The edible leaves of “mu cai” are ready for harvesting! Have not been able to find English name, “mu cai” is the Mandarin name. I believe it is a type of lettuce.

mu cai
mu cai

Neighbour Mr. Teo encourages neighbours to harvest the leaves, and said the leaves when stir fried are really tasty.

Must say that this isn’t a vegetable that is readily available in the markets – so much so that we tell neighbours that the leaves are ready for harvesting, no one says a word! (Compared to say, the “cai xin”)

Anyway, I decided to harvest some leaves, and give the stir fry a try.

Here’s a little recipe:

  • harvest the leaves.
  • trim away the middle stem if one doesn’t like the harder stem portion.
  • slice the leaves into smaller pieces.
  • heat the wok with some oil
  • add dried shrimps or dried silver fish, and minced garlic
  • stir fry the above until there is a nice fragrance
  • add in the leaves
  • mix well
  • add a bit of water as needed
  • wait a few seconds… done!
  • enjoy the dish :)
mu cai stir fry
mu cai stir fry

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