Nature Company’s monthly sessions (to Dec 2014)

Nature Company is sponsoring and providing technical guidance to Pavilion’s edible garden project over a 6-month period.

They, and their irrigation partners from HKS, are planning to come down on: 18 Oct, 15 Nov and 20 Dec (all Saturday, 3rd week of the month).

Their focus is to:

  • advise on how to apply compost & fertiliser correctly
  • check on our compost heap (and maybe also our new food compost barrels!)
  • check on our garden soil
  • check on garden irrigation
They are also providing NatureGro compost & fertiliser products to help us make the garden better.

The core team is interested to learn tips & tricks on how we can keep our garden going sustainably long after the program ends. I’m sure the tips & tricks are applicable in our home gardens too!

So neighbours & interested friends, do join in these monthly sessions, as well as our usual weekly group sessions, if you are interested :)


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