Reflections that stemmed from the garden’s launch.

It’s been nearly a week since “Pavilion Celebrates”, an event that seemed like the appropriate culmination for all the reasons the garden is there. Sure, it is a little strange to think of the garden as “award-winning” even before it’s launched, but that’s how it happened. Now that it’s launched, It is amazing to think back and realize just how much our garden has grown.

Having diverse views about everything under the sun is a part of human nature. It makes for healthy debates and compromises. In this peculiar way, the garden has brought us closer as a community. As the day of the event drew nearer, neighbors from all over the estate came together, faces and names now more familiar and friendlier than they were before. They took time out of their busy lives to chip in to the preparation efforts. On the day of the carnival, they brought their hands, willingness, eagerness, stories, dreams, laughter, and hearty foods of all sorts to share – some of which included harvests from the garden in their recipes! Memories of the delightfully simple fare from when the CIB judges came down surely created anticipation in some of the neighbors.

Moreover, we’ve managed to expand our circle beyond the estate, by reaching out to other community gardens, commercial farms, landscape companies, and other interesting communities that were willing to help us in their own ways. There is always something to learn, and something to share. Everybody knows, that knowledge is power.

Putting aside the temporal loss of ladybird bugs (read: temporal), the garden is now green(er), providing, and provided for. What was once a flat piece of grass land is now a thriving, ever-changing mini-ecosystem that was built upon the principles of biodiversity, permaculture, and sustainability. It provides a home to all the plants that we’ve planted, as well as the insects and animals that have been attracted to the area. It provides delicious harvests that we are always grateful for. This is only possible because of what we’ve sown. Neighbors are always helping in their own ways to keep the garden healthy. Everyone who has ever been involved in the garden’s growth, how ever seemingly small the input may be, should be proud of what we have achieved thus far.

Thank you neighbors, and thank you Garden, for the memories we’ve created together. Let’s look forward to growing and learning even more, from one another.

(Originally posted on Lydia’s personal blog.)


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  1. Cuifen says:

    awesome post, Lydia :)

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