31 Aug – Update

Today, there were so many activities happening at and around the garden. It was a busy day! :)

Steven Ng and his team from The Nature Company came with bags of organic compost and fertiliser. The company had selected to provide Pavilion’s edible garden with technical guidance, advice & sponsorship over a 6-month period.

It was their first “official” visit, and Steven and his team were eager to share tips on  how to use the compost & fertiliser correctly.

Unfortunately, the timing of the visit was confirmed quite late (only the evening before), and only neighbours Mr. Teo and Cuifen were around when they came. Undeterred, Steven proceed to share tips on how to use the compost & fertiliser with Mr. Teo.

Bags of organic fertiliser
Bags of organic fertiliser


In the mean-time… the pavilion beside the garden was getting a little busy! Neighbours gathered to prepare photo booth props for our estate’s “Pavilion Celebrates!” this coming Sunday. As there is no table at the pavilion, they made do by sitting on the floor & benches, and started using art craft tools to cut out interesting designs for the photo booth.

Neighbours coming together to help create photo booth props
Neighbours coming together to help create photo booth props
Happy neighbours :)
Happy neighbours :) (photo credit: Ka Gek)

Even the little children got into the act!

Focusing on cutting...
Focusing on cutting… (Photo credit: Ka Gek)

Neighbours who were busy with the arts & crafts also ended up walking into the garden, to check it out.

Love how the edible garden creates a interesting community space for such bonding activities to take place.


We also welcomed 2 special visitors – students from Singapore Poly!

Well, they are part of a small team of SP students who came up with a mobile Android app (A.S.K.) which aims at bringing communities together through asking, sharing and konnecting. The app was apparently created when one of their seniors noticed how his mum always have plants to give away.

The students came because they would like to enter a video for a Samsung challenge to students – how technology can be used to resolve social issues, and create a better tomorrow. Neighbours Steven, Cuifen, Dennis & Lydia have a very small part in this video. We will share it if it ever comes online :)

Printscreen of the mobile app
Printscreen of the mobile app

By the way, this app is not in Play Store as yet, but we have received a working demo copy for sharing with our neighbours. Do write to us if you are interested to get a copy!


Time just seems to fly when we are at the garden!

Some of us left the garden at ~3-4pm… It wasn’t that we were gardening all the way from morning to mid-afternoon… There were the many happy conversations… the crafts… the video play acting…

Joyful, joyful. Looking forward to our garden launch this coming Sunday!



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