17 Aug – May’s family joins the edible garden team

For at least a couple of weeks now, we noticed a happy extended family playing badminton at the hard court next to the edible garden. The grandfather would walk around the garden, and feel the plants growing around him… The daughter would also come by and check it out…

In at least one of these occasions, we started chatting with them. May, the daughter, shared that the family used to live in a kampung (village) and they wanted to grow lettuce in their home garden, but the conditions at home are not ideal (not enough sun, etc). So, they were interested to grow lettuce, etc in the garden.

So, the entire family came down again this weekend, and this time – their focus was on the garden!

They were allocated the wicking bed next to the raised bed with Butterfly Blue Pea plants. The family was very “on”, the grand dad most so, for he straight-away took out the existing plants, asked for the code to the tool box, and got out a large spade to start digging!

After assessing the soil level, etc – the entire family trooped off to buy more soil, compost, vegetable seeds, netting…

It is really amazing to witness how the entire family of 3 generations planned & got into the act together.

May's family in discussion
May’s family in discussion

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