Red Okra


Harvest from the garden this morning! Upon posting this photo on FB, the comments came in fast.

“Nice! And the ladies finger is really unique!”

“Lady finger got pink colour? 1st time see it.”

Harvest from the garden :)
Harvest from the garden :)

Interesting how no one seemed to comment – “First harvest for the long beans!”

The red okra (aka. lady finger) caught the eye of people because it’s something that most people have not came across before. It’s certainly not something we can buy off the shelves in the supermarkets!

Neighbour Mr. Teo knew this, and deliberately planted the red okra plants. He got the seeds from Malaysia.

The red okra, he shared, is not so tasty as the green okra. But the red pigments are good for your health, and the benefits are more when you eat it raw. When cooked, the red colour actually disappears!

“Magic okra”, commented neighbour Sharon.




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