5 Jul – Logs from two fallen trees

A Pometia (hardwood) tree in the park had to be felled, to make space for a new playground. The neighbourhood committee had several discussions with NParks to try to save the tree. As the tree could not relocated, removal of this one tree was seen to be a last resort.

To try to recycle, we asked NParks to keep some of cut trunk logs and branches for use in the garden. The park manager managed to save some branches for us.

A few days later, NParks mentioned that they had to cut another tree. This tree is an Albizia growing at the forest edges of Choa Chu Park park. The tree had fallen during the heavy rains and strong winds. Neighbours Steven and Cuifen went to CCK park to select some trunk logs and branches – and the landscape contractor kindly delivered them to the garden.

While we have no clear plans on what to do with these trunk logs & branches yet, we are in talks with Social Creatives to work with the neighbours in creating an art mural in the edible garden. Perhaps something interesting will come out of this :)

Trunk logs & branches from a felled Albizia tree
Trunk logs & branches from a felled Albizia tree

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