16 Jun – Visitors from Perak!

We welcomed our 4th large group of visitors in as many weeks…

This was a group of 10+ visitors from Perak, Malaysia. NParks was hosting them for a few hours, and our visitors specifically wanted to check out community gardens in park settings.

The visit is on a Monday afternoon though! If only they came on a weekend – we would surely have many more neighbours to welcome them.

There were three neighbours (Mr. Wong, Mr. Teo, Ai Yong) present at the garden when they arrived. Unfortunately, the neighbours are Chinese-speaking, and couldn’t share much with our visitors from Malaysia.

Azza (from NParks) tried her best to share what she knew about the garden.

Neighbour Cuifen came by later. She wasn’t feeling well at all, having stayed at home to rest and recover.

Azza was really helpful and asked questions to help with the sharing. The visitors were very interested and asked many questions.

They seemed inspired by our sharing, but wondered aloud how they can bring the community gardening concept to Perak. They shared that the people there already have their own plantations… would they like the idea of community gardens?

No photos from this visit unfortunately! So just words.


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