16 Jun – Winter melons harvested!

The garden is based on an open concept. We have always been encouraging neighbours to take from the garden. If you need dill, Butterfly Blue Pea flowers, dill, laska leaves, Indian Borage… feel free to take some from the garden, as long as there’s plenty left for others!

We had to re-think about this in the last week.

One afternoon, neighbour Mr. Teo called up urgently to report that one of the large & newly ripe winter melons was stolen. As it cut and taken away. None of us saw it being taken away, so we don’t really know who took it. Was it one of the neighbours, or a random park visitor? After all, there was nothing (not even a fence or a sign) to stop a visitor from reaching out and taking away an easily accessible melon.

The winter melon plant was lovingly cultivated by Mr. Teo for months from seed. It finally gave us 8 winter melons to gawk at… They are such an attraction, every single park visitor (whether they are into gardening or not) really appreciated them.

We lost 1 melon to football.

And then the other melon was cut away.

A final straw came about when a 3rd melon was forcefully pulled out just a few days later – we found its stalk curved in an awkward manner.

Felt so sayang that our melons are disappearing just like that. What more can I say for Mr. Teo who checks in on the plant for months every other day?

Mr. Teo decided we had to harvest the melons right away. Either we harvest them for our own consumption, or risk not having them at all.

Of the 5 remaining melons, he harvested 4 (the 5th one looked like a dwarf version of the rest). And generously decided to give all 4 away.

He and another neighbour (who was also present) said they would wait for the next round’s harvest.

Perhaps we need to consider fencing some parts of the garden? Especially those with limited items for harvesting.

Earlier this month... 6 winter melons hanging proudly on the pergola
Earlier this month… 6 winter melons hanging proudly on the pergola
3 of the harvested melons!
3 of the harvested melons!

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