Participation in CIB Awards

A judging panel from this year’s Nparks Community-in-Bloom Awards came by yesterday morning to check out Pavilion’s edible garden. There were 3 other neighbours with me, and a couple helped earlier in the morning. Special efforts were made to be there as it was a weekday (Friday) morning.

Honestly, if not for a nomination to participate by our constituency rep, we wouldn’t have thought of signing up as yet as the project is really still in its infancy stage (the garden is really only abut 25 weeks old!).

We really only came to a decision as a group after discussing what the Awards process is really about, and agreeing that we have nothing to lose from Pavilion’s perspective.

CIB Awards, held once every 2 years, is a way for NParks to recognise community garden efforts, provide support & bring communities together. It is an opportunity for us to learn, meet others, and have fun in the process.

The visit by the judging panel was a rather nice experience. Hope we would have a fun learning process as a community!

ps: We took group photos during the panel’s visit. Will post them when they are available!



A little sign that says "Welcome!"
A little sign that says “Welcome!”
A look back at the garden! after the panel's visit
A look back at the garden! after the panel’s visit

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