10 Apr – Mini celebration, and going forward

With the garden creation ~ completed last week, it is time for a mini celebration, and to have a review at what went well / what did not / and what the core team of neighbours who support this project want to see going forward.

With this objective in mind, 13 neighbours came together after work / dinner to meet at Mr. Nathan’s place for a 2hr meeting.

Cuifen gave a quick sharing on how this project is now 1 year plus (since the idea was first raised to the neighbourhood committee). She thanked & appreciated everyone who made time for the meeting, because obviously it was important enough for them to make time & attend the meeting, and for their various contributions (however little) and support that helped bring the project to where it is today.

To celebrate, we enjoyed a chocolate cake all the way from the other end of Singapore (Changi Village!), as well as spring rolls kindly provided for by Mr. & Mrs. Nathan.

Expressing what we want to see going forward
Expressing what we want to see going forward

On the sharing… the views of what went well / what did not / and how to move forward are as diverse as the number of people around the table!

Common themes that were brought up:

  • water supply
  • leadership and delegation of garden-related tasks
  • ownership of the garden amongst the core team, and other neighbours supporting the project
  • allocation of plots (the reasoning is if no one has his own space, over time there is no one really tend to the garden?)
  • use of non-organic pesticides to deal with “pests” – yes / no? are they more effective than organic means?
  • guides on what / how to water, what to plant, when can gardeners access the garden, etc
  • clearer communication (what is decided, what is the objective for doing ___ action)
  • reach out to neighbours, especially those who learnt of the project after the “branding” & outreach was carried out / those who just moved in / and those who are offline & would spend time in the garden if we reach out to them

While we didn’t exactly reach to a clear consensus after the 2hr meeting, it became clear that we needed to create a framework on how we move forward as a community.


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