14 Jan – Tuesday Morning Impromptu Session

A first post from Dennis and Lydia! :D

So this morning we went over to the garden to see how the plants were progressing and also to work more on the spiral.

The Report:

Seems like the aphid problem is getting worse – We need a solution, fast. They’ve made themselves comfy on almost all of the long bean plants in Wicking Bed 2.

Aphids on Long Bean Plant
Aphids on Long Bean Plant

The long bean plants are also starting to outgrow their trellis. Some of them are starting to grasp onto the pergola that’s meant to house the passion fruit plant.

Long Bean Plants Overgrowing
Long bean plants overgrowing and climbing onto pergola
Long Bean Plants Overgrowing
More long bean plants that have outgrown their trellis

On the more positive end of things, the newly transplanted dill plants are no longer slouching over.

Dill Standing Tall
Stand tall, stand proud and bask in the sun dill!

The clitoria vine also seems to be settling nicely into its new home. It’s got multiple flowers and new growth.

Clitoria Vine Flower
Graceful clitoria vine flower
Clitoria Vine New Growth
New growth on clitoria vine

Herb Spiral Progress:

Toiled in the morning sun for a bit. We laid more bricks down to build the spiral. Now we need to decide how high we want the spiral to get before laying the rest of the bricks and pouring in more soil.

Spiral Timelapse
Spiral progress time lapse

Here’s to progress!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cuifen says:

    Great job, Dennis & Lydia! really informative update, and I like the time lapse photo! :)

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Everything is coming along nicely. What means are you using to control the aphids?

    1. lydia says:

      We sprayed some lemon rind spray on the aphids this afternoon. Don’t know if it’s worked though.

      1. Cuifen says:

        I hope it worked! Some other “solutions” I saw, included putting orange / lemon peels in the soil, and garlic spray (http://www.organicgardening.com/learn-and-grow/all-purpose-insect-pest-spray)

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