11 Jan – Something new is being created…

11.01.2014. Our 10th garden session!

Dennis and Lydia were working hard when I walked in to the edible garden space, and I was impressed by what I saw!

Herb spiral. Dennis and Lydia hard at work :)
Herb spiral. Dennis and Lydia hard at work :)

Basically, they checked out our design plans for a herb spiral, worked out what we needed to do, and simply got down to work.

Here’s what they did over the past week:

  • Confirmed the dimensions for the herb spiral
  • Re-positioned a vertical bamboo to serve as the middle point of the spiral
  • Tied a string of 1m length to the bamboo, to draw out the circle
  • Add red bricks around the perimeter of the circle
  • Remove the grass within the perimeter and under the red bricks
  • Where the red bricks are, dig down so that the bricks are half-brick into the soil
  • For the inner circle, dig down so that the soil level is 1 brick below the red brick

They had almost completed digging half a circle, when I joined them. Wasn’t too sure how to help, because they have been doing such a great job! So, I figured they will lead in creation of this spiral, and I will help where I can.

Hanzhong and his mother also joined us to help in the garden creation. While they are not Pavilion residents, Hanzhong’s mum helps at a community garden in Woodlands area, and was keen to help. Both mother and son did a great job in digging the rest of the circle to the required depth – the large chang kuls, left for our use by another neighbour, are really useful!

Dennis, Lydia and I agreed that the herb spiral will provide a wide range of soil conditions for the herbs. Good quality soil is very important as it will help eliminate or minimise problems that can arise later. The brother-sister team decided it was best to dig, so that they could ensure good and sufficient depth of soil, and control the mix of soil throughout the spiral (e.g. more clayey and waterlogged below, and more dry and good drainage on top).

A lot of hard-work and heart-work put in. 佩服, 佩服!

As the spiral didn’t have enough space for all of us to work safely, I got Hanzhong and his mum to help me with transferring granite to create additional walkways. Hanzhong asked a few good questions which wasn’t easy to answer. Example, was it necessary to create the footpaths? The grass lawn is pretty easy to walk on. I explained that the walkways were part of the garden design, and are meant to invite people into the garden space. I had also noticed that more neighbours started exploring the space when we added the footpaths (they stopped where the paths stopped too). Hanzhong said we should encourage the garden visitors to tread beyond the footpaths, which I agree.


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  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your completed garden!

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