2 Nov update

Ka Gek (a neighbour) and I went down to *SCAPE in Orchard Road this morning. Not to shop, or have brunch – but to collect barrels from a person whom we haven’t even met. Allan Lim of The Living! Project had kindly agreed to donate some barrels to help in the edible garden project. When we reach the *SCAPE rooftop, Allan was not there yet. The Singapore Poly students there kindly listened to us, and showed us around the garden. One of these students was Sham. He is a mechanical engineering student, and he proudly showed us the customised aquaponics system that his team has designed and refined over time. I thought aquaponics is such a cool idea. A wonderful mix of aquaculture and hydroponics! Harvest both vegetables and food fish. Nitrogen fertiliser is not needed, because the fish poo does the job. Wow.

We were also wow-ed by some other good ideas in the up-and-coming commercial farm, ComCorp. Simply wanted to transplant some of their ideas to our edible garden!

We collected 3 blue barrels for composting use. One of the students, Shermain, was really kind. Noticing that Ka Gek wasn’t exactly dressed in appropriate attire, she helped us carry 2 of the barrels to the car below, and even went up again to collect some black plastic bags just so that the barrels wouldn’t make the car dirty. This is what I call, a really kind heart and a really good soul.

Comcorp aquaponics system
Comcorp aquaponics system
Comcorp self-watering system
Comcorp self-watering system

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