24 Sep update

Met Debbie and Steven at the garden space. Debbie brought with her a tape measure, and told us what dimensions she needed to ensure that the garden design is an accurate representation of our allocated space. She noted down all the rounded corners and odd shapes – to me, they were not really important features; but to her, they were opportunities that allow for creative design.

Debbie shared more of her design ideas with us. In her sketch, she had included ponds, pit beds, an allocated space to grow plants for mulch, wicking beds… I had to admit, a lot of these ideas are new to me. Either that, or I’ve heard of them but not had the chance to see the real thing (Youtube videos don’t count).

I had so many questions for her. If there are ponds, people may complain about mosquitoes – how do we prevent mosquitoes from breeding? Debbie was very patient, and explained that little fish eat mosquitoes. We could have these little fish in shallow ponds, and they can feed on insects. If done well, it’s a little ecosystem on its own, and we don’t need to worry about feeding the fishes every day.

The ideas were exciting, but I felt that we needed NParks approval for some of the suggested items. I couldn’t wait to share the ideas with the rest!


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