18 Oct update

It’s already mid October! And we wanted to launch on 26 Oct (next Sunday).

After much discussion among the NC members, we had decided to launch the garden after Chinese New Year next year. The delay for the launch is due in part to delays in fixing a garden design that everyone is agreeable with. Another reason for the delay is that we decided we do not want to rush to launch the garden, and make unwanted mistakes along the way. We want to create an edible garden that the Pavilion community will be proud of, a safe space where everyone can gather, learn, make friends, and have fun together.

There are still some loose ends to tie up.

Was double-checking with NParks what materials / expertise / help they can provide to help set up our community garden in the park. NParks provides these as a helping hand, as the main input should be from residents. I fully agree with them on this point.

Debbie, who’s our volunteer permaculture garden designer, is helping us to come up with background information on the various permaculture concepts in the garden, a gardening book of sorts to help would-be gardeners like myself keep an edible garden alive and well, and all the nity grity details of creating a garden from scratch! A lot of work for a volunteer indeed, and to think I didn’t even meet her before before this project came up.

Appreciating all the goodness & kindness that has came up in the project so far :)


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