Oct 5 update

In double-checking and clarifying with the People’s Association representative on what information we need to provide in order to apply for a Southwest CDC grant to plant native plants in our edible garden, I realised that:

  • We have 108 residents from 6 different streets who said “Yes” to an edible garden for the community, and are willing to provide support in one way or another
  • We have at least 22 residents who are identified as key supporters, and/or experienced gardeners who are willing to help out whenever they can, and share their knowledge

Both are very good numbers for a community garden that has yet to exist beyond a drawing on a paper :)

Not too clear still on what constitutes a ‘native plant’ in the grant application. But as someone who’s keen on environment, sustainability and local food, I’m all for planting native plants – if they are available!



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