28 Sep update

Debbie (volunteer permaculture garden designer) came down twice to survey the allocated garden space. She was checking out the sun, the topography, water flow, etc.

Permaculture garden designs are based on existing elements in mind. Debbie was looking out for how we could make use of natural spillways to harvest rainwater, before even considering what we need as hardscaping (e.g. raised beds). So her design ideas are turning out to be quite different from what we sketched out earlier.

The original plan was to start planting on 5 Oct, but this will have to be postponed as we can really only start purchasing our materials after the design has been finalised.

We are still keeping to 26 Oct morning for the garden launch – it will most likely be a ground-breaking of sorts, although we’d like the initial hardscaping and planting to be ready by then.


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