18 Sep update

After spending an entire day trying to come up with a garden design that is sustainable and has sufficient space for vegetables / herbs / fruit trees in an odd-sized space – and still be able to come up with specific quantities with what is needed, I finally decided, “I’m going to post this sketch on Facebook, and see what my friends say! Maybe they can recommend something that I’ve not considered already.”

There is also a Facebook group for Edible Garden Project (Singapore), which I’m a member of. I decided to post my sketch there too.

Lo and behold, I received a frank message “Looks like high maintenance”, within minutes of posting on the Edible Garden group.

Debbie Han, who posted the message, offered to help us design – at no cost – the garden so that it will be sustainable, and in line with permaculture principles. She is currently doing a course on the topic, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

Debbie shared that this would require having a good hard look at the types of vegetables we intend to plant, and how we do the planting, composting & irrigation. She is driven by, “I rather teach people to grow their own food so they can feed themselves.”

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to create an edible garden that is more than just another community garden.


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