7 Sep update

I called for a meeting with the Steven (our estate’s CIB leader) and Ricky (our NC Chair) as I wanted to finalise the design of the edible garden. The garden launch on 26 Oct is not too far away!

Ricky had other ideas. “Why not visit the nearby community farms instead?”, he asked. “We could ask for plants, and check out the farm design at the same time.”

He called Ah Orh, a fellow Gombak resident who’s in charge of the nearby Goodview community garden. Ar Orh invited us over, and introduced us to various herb plants in his garden. “Gardeners from all over Singapore would reserve and come over to collect the herbs,” he said proudly.

Goodview garden

After lunch, Ah Orh brought us over to D’kranji Farm Resort to check out a couple of edible farms. One of the small but well-tended farms had this interesting sign board. We had a wonderful time chatting with the farmers, and went home with bags of vegetables fresh from the farm!

sign at D'Kranji farmvegetable beds at D'Kranji farm

Slide show of photos here :)


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