Co-designing Pavilion’s edible garden in the park

What motivated me to create this blog – the good response we have at today’s workshop. :)

This morning, we had a 2.5hr workshop to gather interested neighbours together, and learn how we can co-design the edible garden. Maxel, who’s the community-in-bloom manager for our area, came to give a 1hr talk on basic principles for designing a garden.

We had a short break, before going on to participatory activities to get to know one another better, and actually try our hand at designing the garden.

It was my first try as a facilitator – and I must say, the detailed outline I prepared as a first-time facilitator went out of the window pretty much straight away. I pretty much went with the flow of things when I realised that different neighbours were giving me good suggestions on how we can do the activities better (e.g. get everyone to introduce themselves as we were seated together, instead of mixing around; and to design at the garden itself because people didn’t really know where it was, etc)

I was really glad that:

  • we had really good response. Almost 30 neighbours turned up, not including the organisers
  • we started on time, and ended on time
  • we covered the key things we needed to cover
  • we had a good gauge who would be keen to contribute, and how
  • both ideas and concerns were brought up in the session

There is much to be done within the next month or so, so that we can launch our garden in end Oct :)

Check out a photo slide show of this morning’s workshop here :)


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